100W LED Floodlights

100W LED Floodlights

100W LED Floodlights

Welcome to Energy Saving Online - We have a wide range of low energy saving LED light bulb / lamps and LED floodlights.

All our low energy LED floodlights come with a 1 or a 2 year guarantee and are available in 3 light colours, Daylight / Cool White, Natural White and Warm White.

Our premium high quality slim line 100W LED floodlights and security lights are ultra-bright and will light up a large area and are ideal for the home or for business / commercial use.

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These 100W floods are great for indoor or outdoor use and are IP65 rated.

Ideal for domestic or commercial installation as used in car parks, warehouses, parks, plazas, lighting trees and shrubbery etc and are ideal for use as down lights or up lights.

All our 100W floodlights come with a 2 year guarantee and free nexst day delivery.

Our 100W LED Floodlight are made to last more than 20,000 - 30,000 hours. And are ideal at replacing 500 - 1000W halogen floodlight fittings. All of our 100W LED floods and security lights are80-905 energy saving compared to older halogen style floodlights. By using 80-905 less electricity LED floodlights also run far cooler than standard versions but still emit the same amount of light. if this wasn’t impressive enough they will also last 8-15 times longer than a standard halogen floodlight.